ULTRON offers a free warranty ranging from 3 to 12 months from the date of purchase for customers who have bought an ULTRON scooter. During the warranty period, damaged parts, including shipping costs, will be provided to the user free of charge.

After the warranty period, the company will charge for the cost. We are dedicated to delivering excellent after-sales service to our customers.

Part Free Warranty
All LED light  3 Month
Voltage lock  3 Month
Charger  3 Month
Charging port  3 Month
Switch / ECO button  3 Month
Brake handle  3 Month
Brake disc  3 Month
Kickstand  3 Month
Controller  3 Month
Shock absorber  6 Month
Throttle / Display  6 Month
Battery  6 Month
Wheel hub  6 Month
Motor  6 Month
Hardware parts  12 Month
Other parts  3 Month
Plastic parts  No


This warranty does not cover:

1. Fail or damage by abnormal operation.
2. Fail or damage by abnormal installation.
3. Open and repair without the company's authorization.
4. Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by the use of non-original parts or unauthorised circuit and configuration change.
5. Other damages by human factors.

* The final interpretation of the ULTRON all *